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Pregnancy Care in Paya Lebar

We want our bodies to function at as high a level as possible at all times. This becomes even more important during pregnancy. Pregnancy places a woman’s body at the highest level of imbalance due to her growing child.

Chiropractic care allows the body to have balance in the pelvis and uterus, so the baby has plenty of room for growth and development. Making sure mom is comfortable is important as well!

Why Do I Need Chiropractic Care?

Heart hands on pregnant bellyWe do a thorough check of the pelvis, spine, uterine and hip ligaments. All these areas are required during the delivery process. Adjustment ensures everything is properly aligned and functioning without restrictions. Better pelvis and spine movement typically make the labour and delivery process shorter and less painful.

Making adjustments to the pelvis can relieve some of the discomfort that accompanies pregnancy. It helps with reflux by creating extra space for the baby. Other issues that can benefit from adjustment are headaches, back, chest and neck pain, sciatica and tight hip muscles.

Special Care for Mom and Baby

Webster Technique is a gentle, low-force adjustment used during pregnancy. Mom experiences relief from her symptoms and the baby is never touched. The Spinning Baby technique is used to help reposition the baby if not in optimal birthing position.

After the second trimester, changes happen a lot quicker and have a greater impact on mom. Baby is bigger and can cause mom to twist or move in ways that can cause her discomfort. Chiropractic care can help alleviate the pain.

Dr Shara recommends her moms come in weekly for best results throughout the entire pregnancy. Post-partum care is suggested to allow mom’s body to heal faster. In addition, breast-feeding challenges, lack of sleep, and upper body, neck and shoulder issues may occur after delivery.

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